Laundry Day

Deena and I fell out of contact for quite a while.  Then out of the blue I received a message of Facebook about a concept shoot she was try to setup in Orlando.  I, unfortunately, was in New York at the time and was unable to participate.  Fast forward 6 months and I ended up in Orlando, Fl.  I started contacting some of my favorite models that I wanted to work with again and Deena was on my short list.  She had an idea to do a 1940s style pinup shoot focused around laundry day.  Deena has an infectious energy.  It’s one of the things I love about her, so I was all in.

After a little research for “granny panties”, bra’s, a wash bucket and a scrubber.  Deena was set.  A trip to the local mega hardware store for some building materials for a laundry line.  We were set to go.  Deena is spectacular to work with.  Easy going.  Always on the mark with the right expression and pose.  She makes the entire shoot seem effortless.

Did I mention her energy?

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